Automobile Diagnostics Service in Pensacola

East Hill Automotive Center provides full auto diagnostics services at both of our Pensacola FL locations. Our ASE Certified technicians use state of the art diagnostic tools to determine the origin of the problem. Our friendly staff have decades of combined experience performing precision auto electrical diagnostics and repairs in Pensacola while providing excellent customer service.

Your “check engine” light, or “service engine soon” light comes on – now what? These lights are called malfunction indicator lights and they are plugged into an on-board computer system that keeps track of numerous parameters. You likely need to run an auto diagnostics test if you experience any of the following:

  • “Check Engine” light is on
  • “Service Engine Soon” light is on
  • “ABS Warning” light is on
  • Rough run or stalling
  • Intermittent operation
Auto Diagnostics Pensacola

Why Choose Us For Your Pensacola Vehicle Diagnostics Service?

East Hill Automotive Center

Thorough Inspections From ASE-Certified Techs
At East Hill Automotive Center, we have ASE-Certified technicians that specialize in auto diagnostics for every sort of condition. They have experience diagnosing many different types of problems from starting issues on your BMW or Ford to an engine light flashing on your Toyota or Mercedes. When in-depth diagnosis is required, our technicians have the skills to use precision testing equipment like voltmeters, multimeters, and diagnostic monitoring equipment so the issue is found quickly without wasting time or money guessing. Don’t leave your auto diagnostics to just anyone – you can count on East Hill Automotive Center to get the job done right, the first time!

Inspection and testing of:

  • Battery
  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • Wiring and terminals
  • Other components as necessary

Comprehensive and Honest Overviews
When the problem with your vehicle is discovered, we communicate the information with you honestly, openly, and in detail. We want you to trust us for your long-term vehicle repairs, so if all that is required is a quick fuse replacement or we can replace a smaller part of a major component, that’s what we will do. Our goal is to save you money and time.

No Pressure Repair Recommendations
We will only recommend issues that require your immediate attention, and we will never pressure you into repairs that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Repairs Performed with Quality Parts
From major electrical components like alternators and starters to oxygen sensors and wiring repairs, we always use OEM or high-grade aftermarket parts to perform your repairs.

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