Pensacola Automotive Oil Change Service

East Hill Automotive Center provides fast and affordable automotive oil change services at both of our Pensacola FL locations. The oil in your engine isn’t just for lubrication as it performs up to 40 percent of the engine cooling duties also. It is important that your engine oil is kept clean and full to ensure the longest possible life and efficient operation for your engine. See the reliable, professional team at East Hill Automotive Center for an affordable alternative to the dealership’s service department. Call 850-433-0639 (12th Ave) or 850-479-9009 (Airport) to schedule an oil change.

Why Choose Us For Your Pensacola Oil Change Service?

East Hill Automotive Center

Experienced and Professional Technicians
When you visit East Hill Automotive Center, you can rest assured that an experienced ASE-Certified technician will be performing your oil change. It won’t be a lube tech with minimal experience where you can never be sure if you are receiving the right grade or viscosity of the oil. Our technicians know the right engine oil to use for your vehicle based on your car’s age, condition, and use, whether it requires conventional oil, synthetic oil, or anywhere in between. So if your car is a high-performance German model or a high mileage commuter, it will receive the proper treatment at East Hill Automotive Center.

Only Quality Engine Oils
For proper lubrication of internal engine parts and efficient engine cooling, we only use top-grade name brand oils, oil filters, and other parts for your oil change service.


Should I Get An Oil Change When It’s Recommended?

In general, yes. Changing your vehicle’s oil is one of the most important things you can do to avoid more costly repairs later on. However, there are several different opinions about exactly when engine oil gets old and how often it should be replaced with new oil. Because there are many factors at work — how you drive, the condition and age of the engine, the external environment you drive in, and stop-and-go versus highway driving — it’s an inexact science. Owner’s manual recommendations for oil and filter changes vary from 3,000 to 10,000 miles. In general, 5,000-mile oil changes will help you get the most of your engine.

You may want to consider changing your oil more frequently if:

  • You live where the climate is extremely hot or cold
  • You often drive on dirt roads
  • Your engine is old and burns oil
  • You frequently carry heavy cargo or other heavy loads

Is There Any Maintenance Required Between Oil Changes?

Yes, you need to check the oil level every few hundred miles. With your car parked on a level surface, remove the oil dipstick, clean it on a rag and then reinsert it. Remove it again, and check the oil level. Ideally, it should be right at the full mark. If it’s at or below the add mark, that means you’re a quart low and should add a quart of oil to the crankcase. If it’s in between the two marks, you can add part of a quart to bring it up to the full mark (the distance between add and full represents a quart, so use that to estimate how much of a quart you need). Be aware, however, that since oil flows slowly when it is cool, the dipstick may not immediately reflect any oil you just added. So estimate the amount of oil you need based on your first dipstick reading, and then check it again later that day or the next day to be sure you’re near the full mark.