Alternator Maintenance & Repair in Pensacola

East Hill Automotive Center provides alternator maintenance, alternator repair and alternator replacement at both of our Pensacola FL locations. If you suspect you need an alternator repair or replacement, visit the automotive electrical experts at East Hill Automotive Center. We are a AAA Approved repair facility and our mechanics are ASE Certified, so you know you’re getting the best Pensacola auto repair there is to offer.

Why Choose Us For Your Alternator Repair

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2-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
That’s right. We offer a 2-year warranty on all our parts and labor. If something goes wrong with your alternator in those first two years, we want to make sure we correct the issue and get you back on your way.

Experienced and Professional Technicians
Our technicians are ASE-Certified and are experts in their field. They have undergone extensive training and certification to perform diagnosis and repairs on your vehicle’s charging system. Alternator repairs are part of the electrical systems on your vehicle and require our technicians’ precision abilities for accurate repairs. Don’t leave your alternator repair to just anyone – you can count on East Hill Automotive Center to get the job done right, the first time!

Thorough Inspections for Accurate Diagnosis of Your Charging System
Our qualified technicians will efficiently diagnose your vehicle using the most advanced procedures and diagnostic equipment available. If the brushes inside your alternator are worn out, the bearings inside are noisy, or if a wiring problem or burnt fuse is the issue, our technicians will find the problem quickly.

Comprehensive and Transparent Overviews
We want to create a long-term relationship with all our customers, so we discuss the results of your diagnosis openly and honestly. Whether you need a new alternator, or the problem is with the battery or wiring, you can count on a truthful diagnosis every time.

Quality Replacement Alternators and Parts
For a reliable alternator repair that will last for the long haul, we always use Original Equipment or high-quality aftermarket replacement alternators.

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What Exactly Is the Alternator?

The alternator is the charging device in your car. It has two jobs: first and foremost, it must keep your battery in a fully charged state for your car to start every time. Second, the alternator generates the electricity that powers the electrical system while the car is running and allows all electrical devices to operate properly. Everything from the fuel pump and ignition system to the radio and the windshield wipers rely on the alternator for its power. If it’s not working properly, your electrical system will not function properly.